What Is The Econeer?
Every spring at Rochester Institute of Technology, the senior class of New Media Design joins the senior class of New Media Interactive Development to create capstone projects. We then showcase them all at RIT's annual innovation festival, ImagineRIT. This year we were challenged with the prompt "Do good". 

We then created a collaborative and immersive virtual reality experience to help showcase the importance of ecological sustainability.
Target Audience
10-20 years old
Bringing awareness to these issues creates a rippling effect for future individuals to innovate. Many kids and teens today show improved cognition through interactive and visual presentations and the younger audience is open to learning emerging technologies.

The Building Models
The players choose which building models they want on their tile and then it populates the world. The tiles work together and share resources with nearby tiles. The resources are then calculated to determine the world’s health.
In-Game Interface
The different categories, People, Power and Happiness are color coded to easily differentiate the three. Important statistics are able to be seen at a glance by looking at the controller so the user can make sure the earth is in balance.
Imagine RIT Event Showcase
Virtual reality transports the user right into the world they've created, completely immersing them in the experience. It's a tactile and visual tool that's able to reward the user with a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

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